An Extra Sets of Hands

As an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats. Running a business, creating and executing a marketing strategy, on boarding new clients, and more might make you feel like you don’t have enough hands to get through the day.

Apprentice is here to make your day, week, and professional life easier. Your apprentice can and will have a hand in any projects you would like them to. There are countless tasks and assignments you can give to your apprentice, but if you’re wondering what an apprentice can do for you, here are some ideas of how to utilize them!

A Hand in Social Media

Social media can sometimes seem like a burden: keeping up with consistent posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be overwhelming at times. One thing you can hand off to your college aged apprentice is the handling of your social media accounts! With an abundance of resources to create content, mentors to turn to for advice, and often a lifetime of experience on social media, our apprentices are well suited to execute your social media accounts and take one more thing off your plate!

A Hand in your Schedule

Between Zoom meetings and, well, more Zoom meetings (we are in a pandemic, after all), your schedule can be overwhelming to manage on your own. There are a lot of people that want some of your time, energy, and skill set. Having someone on board who is ready to pencil people in, remind you of your obligations, and take notes on your calls is a blessing that is often underappreciated. Your apprentice is there to make your professional life easier, and let you focus on the work that is truly important.

A Hand in Learning

The best thing about having an apprentice is that they are just that: an apprentice! They have their own strengths, talents, and interests, but they are also passionate and excited to learn from you. Whatever you need from your apprentice, they are there to help and assist! Our apprentices are excited and eager to learn about you and your business specifically, and they look to you to emulate how to one day start their own business! You won’t have to be afraid to ask them to learn new things, adapt to a new way of doing a task, or change their professional habits: as much as your apprentice is there to execute and complete tasks for you, they are also there to learn from you.

Using Your Extra Hands

Your life is busy now, and will only get more busy as your business grows and you become more involved in the world around you. Two hands might not seem like enough: choose apprentice, and see how some extra hands can improve your life!