Hiring sales superstars 📈

By Sam Nesbitt, CRO of Apprentice

We’re helping companies with less than 20 employees kick-start their content marketing for 2022… You’ll learn the data-backed hiring & sales strategy that’s helping small teams go from businesses to brands. 

We highlight the importance of the Sales Hiring Formula, Demand Generation Formula, and topics of marketing, recruiting, and maintaining a consistent sales force. With
ambitions to scale our business within the year, we are in the process of taking our tactics to the next level with the help of The Sales Acceleration Formula.

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Mark Roberge, former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot, defines the sales team as your most valuable asset.

The Sales hiring formula in 5 steps

Many of the best salespeople are entrepreneurs. Our company’s sales leaders and top sales reps are all entrepreneurs or aspiring to be. They think outside the box and are resourceful and self-motivated. Entrepreneurship requires a natural problem solver, and sales is about solving problems.

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Hiring sales superstars 📈

The easiest mistake is in trying to coach them on everything at once.

Great salespeople are advisors, relationship builders, and analysts. It's unfortunately rare to find someone who can be a superpower in all of the above, but they don't have to. As a coach, you must meet them where they are; helping them improve their weaknesses while converting their strengths into superpowers.

Sales are measured with respect to growth – and those who are committed to enabling growth, need to be committed to growing themselves.

Those who proactively seek mentorship, self-improvement and personal development will be your most successful salespeople.


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