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I’m no Doctor, but I Contributed to the Medical Field in a Time of Crisis

Being a sophomore in college who has zero intention of being involved in anything medical, my role during this time should have just been staying at home, not watching my course lectures, playing video games, and trying to stay calm while being locked inside with my family. However, through Apprentice, I can say that I was able to support the medical field in this crazy time.

Right now, I am an apprentice for Dr. Shirin Peters, who is the founder and medical director of Bethany Medical Clinic of New York. Even though I am not directly treating patients, I have found ways to help fight the Coronavirus by supporting my entrepreneur in these stressful and uncertain times. Here are a few of those ways:


I have stayed up to date on COVID-19 numbers and statistics from around the world, have watched news conferences from various leaders, and read up on many reports to know what professionals think about the current situation.

2. Update My Entrepreneur:

With this research, I regularly update my entrepreneur on what is going on around the world; this way, she can focus her time on her patients and not on research.

3. Content Creation & Social Media Management

I have used my design skills to create visually appealing content that updates her patients about the Coronavirus. I want to ensure that they are getting information about the virus and that their COVID information is coming from good, reliable sources.

4. Ease the connection between my entrepreneur and her patients:

Even though I am doing the majority of social media posting, I wanted to find ways for my entrepreneur to be featured on her social media account, while minimizing the work she needs to do. The idea we came up with is that I am currently writing scripts for her for short videos she can film that give helpful tips and advice on how to be safe and healthy during this time. Afterwards, I edit, caption, and post what she makes, again allowing her to prioritize her time towards patient care.

In sum, I have found ways to make my entrepreneur’s life easier and inform her patients, which is more of a contribution than I thought I would ever have in fighting the Coronavirus. Best part is that it was all from the comforts from my bed and I don’t have any Medical School debt.